I received a free copy of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Benard lives with his dad and their dog, Milo. His mother passed away the day after she got the dog to look out for them. Bernard wants to do his required science project on wormholes, but no one is impressed. He gets in trouble at school, so his dad takes him to his work office. Bernard runs because he thinks he’s in trouble and inadvertently ends up in a scientific machine. His brain enters a wormhole and is transported inside his father’s brain where everything is dying because his father needs something called Energeia to rejuvenate. Energeia is produced when a person is happy, content and functioning well. Bernard’s dad has been depressed because of losing his wife and he and his son struggle to get along with each other. Therefore, his Energeia is low and is causing his brain to slow down. Brainwalker is like a science fiction version of Never Ending Story or a Magic School Bus Episode. An adventure full of learning opportunities with creativity- 3.5 stars!

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