Thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for the advanced reading copy of Arena by Holly Jennings! Arena contains nothing but fighting for the first chapter, then the fighting is explained. A team (Defiance) is participating in a virtual reality gaming tournament. Kali is the main character, and after the team captain (Nathan) dies from a drug overdose, Kali becomes captain. Virtual reality fighting uses gamers and athletically trains them to be on teams that compete for worldwide viewers and sponsors. Rooke replaces Nathan on the team at the same time Kali is promoted to team captain. Arena is about virtual gaming but also so much more: the interesting and dynamic characters; the problems gamers have to face with sponsors, athleticism and keeping what is virtual separate from what is true reality; addiction; the relationships between the characters and handling celebrityhood. I consider Arena by Holly Jennings in the New Adult genre due to some swearing, violence and intimate scenes. Wonderful writing makes the story flow! I will be watching for future books by Holly Jennings!

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