The Hidden Twin


Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Griffin for the arc of The Hidden Twin by Adi Rule! The Hidden Twin contains a new take on mythological fantasy. Clever wit and creativity make this story interesting enough that I had a hard time putting it down. I enjoyed the bravery of the unnamed twin and the silliness of Jey, as well as the supporting characters.



Relic by Gretchen McNeil is a supernatural mystery read. Annie and her friends are graduating and planning their summer of “no regrets” before leaving for college in the fall. They take a trip to the lake, where they venture into an old, deserted mine. Somehow Annie gets separated from the rest of the group. The plot thickens, becoming more mysterious and supernatural. People are being killed one at a time in horrific ways. I give Relic 3.5 stars because the writing is done well, without grammar errors, but the story line skips ahead too quickly in some parts. The Anamet conclusion is almost without proof or explanation. Why couldn’t Annie use her tablet to contact Sonya when she needed a ride; the same way she contacted Jack? The ending feels rushed. A quick read for readers who enjoy being a bit spooked, but are okay with a rushed story.

The Walls Around Us


Thanks to Algonquin for the free paperback of The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma! The story is confusing at first and bounces back between two people and this made me unsure of the names for a bit. Little by little, the text became clearer. Amber’s story makes sense because she’s the only one narrating for several chapters in a row and on page 50, the story becomes supernatural when Amber sees a face she doesn’t recognize. Violet or Vee talks about Ori and hints of some of the bad things Ori has done. Of course, Vee’s perspective is one sided. On page 108, the momentum picks up and makes the story more interesting. The lines blur between alive and no longer living. I had a difficult time telling if the story was going from past to present or linear/parallel. I feel for the characters and I can relate to Ori and the kindness she shows others; while Vee is cold, calculating and unfeeling. The story strongly interprets the insecure and lost feeling that many prisoners must feel, especially if their crime was justified due to self-defense. A very interesting read that takes patience to stick with!