The Witch Hunter Series


I absolutely love The Witch Hunter Series by Virginia Boecker!  The writing is reminiscent of Sarah J. Maas and anyone who enjoyed The Throne of Glass should enjoy The Witch Hunter Series also.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker! Fun, suspenseful and delightful, The Witch Hunter tells the story of Elizabeth; an orphan trained by Blackwell to become a Witch Hunter for the king at a time when witchcraft (all magic) is illegal. I laughed out loud when Elizabeth drank too much green ale because of the fantastic wit of the author. As the story goes on, Elizabeth is imprisoned for using herbs . She is saved by Nicholas Perevil because, according to Veda the Seer, Elizabeth is supposed to help Nicholas find someone who has placed a curse on him.

Page 193, “I don’t know what to think anymore. About any of it. Magic killed my parents; Blackwell tried to kill magic. Blackwell is magic; Blackwell tried to kill me. John saved me with magic; now I’m trying to kill magic to save Nicholas. It goes against everything I’ve ever known, a betrayal of everything I’ve ever been taught.”

This quote clearly shows Elizabeth’s confusion and struggles. The dislike shared between Elizabeth and Fifer is comical at times and I also enjoy the relationship built between Elizabeth and John because of the mutual respect.

Highly recommended for all fantasy readers! Very enjoyable! The ending leads into a sequel, The King Slayer, which will be released this summer.

Thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown for the arc of The King Slayer by Virginia Boecker! This is a wonderful book and anyone who has read Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass will probably want to read this series also.

The King Slayer begins right where The Witch Hunter left off. Elizabeth awaits trial for all of her past actions. This trial will decide her fate. Elizabeth is being trained by Schuyler and Fifer, two fun characters! The stigma is changing John in such a way that his friends don’t recognize his actions and reasoning. Blackwell has become a monster and a battle has begun and the story continues with trying to resolve these problems. The characters are dynamic and the world building is complete and I highly recommend this entire series to fantasy readers!

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