Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek is a fantasy in a steampunk world with a fairy tale touch! A hag steals a boy and replaces him with a machine, all unbeknownst to his family. As the children (Edna and Harrison) walk to the park, they pass vendors, beggars and storytellers. The story they hear explains the existence of the hags and other creatures. While listening to this story and watching her brother’s actions and pallor, Edna realizes Harrison is not himself and soon learns he was stolen by a hag and taken to a work factory. While trying to find her brother, she meets the mysterious Ike. Ike vows to help Edna rescue Harrison and many adventures ensue! Ike conceals secrets and so does Edna, but their relationship becomes more intimate and they began to truly trust each other. Cogling is a fun adventure with a bit of romance!

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