The Western Front


The UVU Veteran Success Center along with UVU’s Art & Design Department helped bring the World War I front alive again with their commemorative book, The Western Front, 100 Years Later.

I have read this book as part of my 2016 Reading Challenge – a book that your child recommends to you.  My daughter works at UVU and attended the Veteran Success Center event and received The Western Front, 100 Years Later.

This beautiful book is made in remembrance of World War I Veterans and it gives the reader an education on the war and its battles.  I did not know much about WWI, but by reading The Western Front, I learned that 450 French soldiers fought off 10,000 German soldiers for six days and the small resistance never broke!  I am touched by several stories included in this book.  The French school children learning American History and honoring American soldiers; the story of the amazing pigeon soldier of 1918, Cher Ami; and the story behind the poem, In Flanders Fields.  

I am also very impressed with all that Utah Valley University strives to celebrate!

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