Forest of Whispers Series by Jennifer Murgia

The Forest of Whispers by Jennifer Murgia is told in two points of view-Rune’s and Laurentz’.  Rune’s mother is a mystery to her.  She lives with Matilde as the older woman’s apprentice.  When Rune discovers her mother’s history, her life completely changes. The story has German origins and I enjoyed the German vocabulary lesson at the beginning of both books.

Castle of Sighs by Jennifer Murgia continues where Forest of Whispers left off.  Rune now lives in Pyrmont.  She finds traces of protection but she’s not sure what she’s being protected from.  She has been left in charge of two orphans from the Bishop’s witch hunt.  She worries for their safety and asks Laurentz to take them to his castle.  Rune finds an ancient book that reveals the history of the Pyrmont Castle and her ancestors, including her mother.  Everything changes drastically after finding the old, magical book.

I recommend this series for fantasy and supernatural readers.  The Forest of Whispers Series contains wonderful and dynamic characters and interesting setting!

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