Elena Vanishing by Elena Dunkle

Elena Vanishing by Elena Dunkle is an autobiography of an anorexic sufferer.  This book was difficult to read, but I stuck with it!  My eyes and heart have been opened!  As I began reading, I wondered, “Are Elena’s perceptions true?”  I wondered if she had witness accounts or documented incidents to show the true happenings of the contention and actions taken against her.  I wasn’t sure if her perception had been swayed by the stress she was under.

Elena’s pregnancy, and subsequent miscarriage, led her to seek treatment.  Caring for another being is what helped pull her up from rock bottom.

I appreciate Elena sharing her experiences and her mother for helping bring everything together!  This book can and will help a lot of people who struggle with a disorder, regardless of whether it is an eating disorder or something else.  Elena Vanishing will also help the family, friends and acquaintances surrounding the sufferer.  Highly recommended!

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