Chasing Truth

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks to Entangled Teen for the arc of Chasing Truth by Julie Cross! Wow, what a ride! This adventure, mystery, thriller, romance, young adult story held my attention from beginning to end.

Chasing Truth is cleverly written, with complex main characters and side characters, and mysterious because the main character has hidden agendas and a secrecy surrounding her. I like Ellie (Eleanor) with her clever, quick wit and the fact that she seems to care about people and also values integrity in others. Ellie’s friend, Simon, supposedly committed suicide but the investigation into his death is ongoing. This book is hard to put down and I just wanted to keep reading, but alas, life needs to be lived;).

I loved this line, “This makes me hate him 2 percent less, which is useful when I have to pretend not to hate him”. I laughed out loud! It’s priceless! Out of context, this line doesn’t make much sense, but when you get to know Ellie and how she is dealing with her con-artist background while trying to be normal, it makes great dialogue!

The mysterious background of Ellie and the mystery surrounding Simon’s death kept me riveted throughout the book, 5 stars!

Museum of Heartbreak


Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for the arc of The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder! Penelope has been best friends with Eph and Audrey for several years. Now Eph and Audrey think it’s time they increase their social circle, much to Penelope’s dismay. They each grow and have different struggles and experiences of their own and try to remain friends through it all. The artwork is fun and adds life and charm to the Museum of Heartbreak idea. This high school story contains popularity problems, artistic talent and book lovers and is a touching, endearing story.

26 Kisses


Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for the arc of 26 Kisses by Anna Michels! Vee, recently broken up from a two year relationship, is trying to enjoy the summer before senior year with her two best friends, Mel and Seth. Mel challenges Vee with the 26 kisses idea to help her recover from her breakup. Vee is supposed to kiss someone for each letter of the alphabet. It doesn’t always turn out to be a teenage boy or even a person, (puppy kisses). The challenge creates humorous, awkward and unusual experiences. This coming of age story is funny and lighthearted, but also serious enough to be true to life.

The Sound of Us


Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the copy of The Sound of Us by Julie Hammerle! I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this book about a classical musical competition and scholarships, but I am very pleasantly surprised! The Sound of Us is so much more than just music, but, at the same time, is engulfed in the musical students’ world. I like the musical and literary references throughout the book and I grew to care about the characters, who are very dynamic as they mature and learn through their struggles. I am very proud of Kiki and all that she accomplished. She learned valuable lessons about herself and others and moved forward with that knowledge. Kiki is a teenage girl that gets into the classical music summer camp that she has aspired to. The camp is cut-throat and each student is competing and fighting for one of seven scholarships (four-year, full-ride scholarships to the college). This story is engaging, fun to read, enjoyable, intelligent and has the perfect ending in which the future awaits!


A Totally Awkward Love Story


Thanks to First In Line for selecting me as a winner and giving me a free copy of A Totally Awkward Love Story by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison! The title is perfect for this story as the awkwardness continues throughout the entire book and throughout the relationship between Hannah and Sam. Young adult British humor made me laugh a ton! I enjoyed the humorous honesty and complete openness about everything, and I mean everything! Fun and fast read by clever authors.


What I Read for National Readathon 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday, May 21st, which was this year’s National Readathon Day.  Besides taking care of my home and family, I dove into the following books:

The Problem with Forever by Jennifer Armentrout 29962853-_uy200_  ;

Saving April by Sarah A. Denzil  project_cover_image_2-_sx800_ ;

and two books by Katie Finn – Revenge, Ice Cream, and Other Things Best Served Cold   22019274  and Hearts, Fingers, and  Other Things to Cross  512x2bgbmyll-_sy344_bo1204203200_  .   Reviews to follow!

Poison Princess


Poison Princess by Kresley Cole is the start of an amazing series. This book contains many genres, such as dystopian, supernatural, romance, adventure, mythology and fantasy. Poison Princess immediately intrigued me with the feeling of doom in the first chapter. I was pulled into the story because it is interesting in so many ways; the Louisiana culture and language and the fantastical and mythological pull around Evie. I love the Cajun vocabulary lessons and culture and I think I felt at home with it because I lived in Louisiana during an impressionable age while growing up. I lived in several areas of Louisiana between the ages of nine and twelve. The Cajun references made me smile and sometimes cringe because they were spot on.

The author changes the point of view from Evie to the kidnapper for the prologue and one other chapter. This strategic writing gives readers insight into the enemy’s world. Clever, Kresley Cole! There is a bit of swearing and sexual innuendo that I will warn students about, but I absolutely love this book with its dynamic characters and I plan on reading it again and finishing the Arcana Chronicles series as soon as possible.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl surprised me with all the different perspectives it contains. Silly, interesting characters made me laugh out loud several times, but this story is also empathetic and emotional. The unique characters bring the book to life. Earl is blunt and sometimes gross. Greg is entertaining and sometimes struck with verbal diarrhea. Touching, emotional, silly and strange run through this book and make it a must-not-miss read!

Romancing the Nerd


Thank you to Entangled Publishing for the arc of Romancing the Nerd by Leah Rae Miller! Dan and Zelda are quirky characters who used to be friends. Since Dan’s growth spurt, things have changed. He now plays for the high school basketball team and hangs out with different people. Romancing the Nerd is a fun, clean and innocent romantic read. A cute story for romance readers!

Off the Page


Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer is the companion to Between the Lines by the same authors. Cute, charming and a clean romantic story with some teenage angst added to the mix. The story is innocent but still has enough stress for the characters to deal with, which raises the interesting factor! Definitely a fun read!