Collapsed by Jenetta Penner

Collapsed by Jenetta Penner
A world of Cobalts and Scarlets, full of prejudice and poverty, is the setting for Tenlyn’s story. Ten is looking forward to her birthday because it’s also the same day that she’s scheduled to take a test that might open the door to her future. Her best friend Kalib is an artist and also a huge financial supporter for his family since his father died. He also takes the test, surprising everyone, since he hadn’t told a soul. Both Ten and Kalib pass the exam and go on their way to the Scarlet world. They receive different assignments. Kalib becomes a courier while Ten becomes a governess. Kalib visits Ten secretly one time in the middle of the night and tells her that things might happen but he doesn’t explain. The next day, sentries arrive, place handcuffs on Ten and take her in for questioning because of a Cobalt situation. She’s forced into signing a document against Kalib and then returns home. She decides to take Kalib’s advice and find his employer. Once she meets Mr. Robinson, she’s thrown into the rebellion and commits to help. She discovers more secrets that completely surprise her. Intrigue, loyalty and integrity bring grit to this dystopian story for young adults, 4 stars!

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