Cursing Fate


Cursing Fate by Brenda Drake involves Iris, Aster’s younger sister. Iris and her relationships were thrown into chaos in Touching Fate when Aster learned that she is a fate changer. Now, in the sequel, Iris is being possessed by the young woman that caused the curse that ensured the death of any eighteen year old boy in Reese’s family line. I felt Iris’s struggle, through the author’s creative writing, and also her panic as Crina continually tried to take over Iris’ body! The people that care for Iris the most, knew something was wrong. Iris’s personality would instantly change, as well as how she spoke and in her lack of modern reference knowledge – such as soda. The story line in the Fate series is complex and contains plot twists and intrigue that pulled my interest to the point of not wanting to put the book down or the series to end! Some swearing and a young adult scene, just a heads up. 4 stars!

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