Children of Icarus


Thanks to NetGalley and Switch Press for the download of Children of Icarus by Caighlan Smith! This story begins with the story of Icarus, which sets the scene for the rest of the book. Clara and her friend, the main character, are going to the Temple of Icarus to see if they will be chosen as angels, as children of Icarus, and will become Icarii. The chosen enter the labyrinth and what awaits them is unexpected. Violence ensues. A group saves them and takes them with as they travel out of the labyrinth and into Fates. The older Icarii explain their future – each of them makes a choice between being a scavenger or a caretaker. Once they reach Fates, their new lives begin. The main character says “Clara” in her sleep and another girl assumes that is her name. Collin, the real Clara’s brother, finds her and it has been so long since they’ve seen each other that he only recognizes her because of Clara’s hair ribbon that she is wearing. Collin later finds parts of the real Clara while he’s on a scavenging trip and calls the main character Nameless and treats her violently. She is sent away with Gina and Felix, who both end up dying and the only people left are her and The Executioner. The Executioner teachers her survival skills and becomes her friend. When The Executioner sacrifices herself to save Nameless, she reads a letter left for her by The Executioner and discovers who she is and the truth about who The Executioner is also. Confusing storyline made sensible by the author – 4 stars!

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