After Obsession


After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel tells the story of a teenage girl and teenage boy that share a psychic connection. Aimee is psychic and has dreams. Alan has dreams also, his contain Aimee, even though he doesn’t know her yet. Aimee’s mother is gone and her friend Courtney’s dad is missing. People began to act more aggressively than they ever have before and no one can understand why. Courtney’s cousin, Alan, and his mother move in with Courtney and her mother to help support them, financially and emotionally. Alan is part Native American and has found his totem while on his vision quest. When Aimee and Alan meet, they immediately sense their connection and work together to solve the town’s mysterious change of behavior and missing people. The story grows more complicated as the supernatural comes to light and the townspeople have to work together to prevent more tragedy. This book is a clean read with a bit of romance and a taste of the supernatural! Enjoyable!

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