Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima is the beginning of a new series set in the same place as the Seven Realms series by the same author. Adrian is thirteen with healing powers that he wants to learn more about so he can help in a better way than he does at the present time. He discusses going away to a school with his father right before they are both attacked and his father is poisoned and dies. His older sister Hana has already been killed by the King of Arden. Now only Adrian, his mother and younger sister are all that’s left of their family.

Jenna works in the mines with her beau, Riley and a young girl named Maggi. That all changes once the King og Arden visits the mines and wants to teach a lesson to the workers and he ends up killing the people Jenna cares about and she runs and hides to protect her life.

Adrian goes with Taliesen to school to learn magic and healing and perfect his abilities. Four years later, Jenna poses as a boy and Adrian has become a killer and a healer and both are taking their revenge. Destin adds to the mix of characters as good and bad.

Flamecaster is a great book full of mystery and fantasy with very dynamic characters. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel!

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