Thief of Lies


The Thief of Lies by Brenda Drake is a magnificent read. Thank you Entangled Publishing for the copy of The Thief of Lies! First of all, I love the cover and the story concept. Another plus, the young woman on the cover actually matches the description of Gia that Brenda Drake describes in the book! Sometimes that is a rare thing. The matter of fact descriptions throughout the story are entertaining and informative and help with the world building. On page 146, the description of Veronique’s dress made me laugh out loud. Gia has an enjoyable love interest, but she frustrates me when she jumps to conclusions about Arik instead of thinking of how he feels, but I suppose that is human nature. Gia has found out how complicated her life, past and present, is and how much more complicated it is going to become as she deals with mysterious and vivid dreams and the truth unfolds. There’s a lot going on in this book, but it’s all cohesive and flowing. Every time I think I have grasped all of the details, something else slams into me, such as Gia’s betrothed. This 378 page book packs a big punch!

I would be happy if the Library Jumpers series contained eight books, one book per year of Gia’s Sentinel duty or even six books total and have a book for each Chiavi (key) that needs to be found. Oh the amazing and wonderful possibilities!

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